When upgrading IGEL UMS do I need to each version or can I skip to the latest?

Hi everyone! I’m preparing to update my UMS from 5.08.100 to the new 5.09.100, but I see that 5.09.110 has been released. Is it alright to go from 08.100 to 09.110 directly, or should I hop to 09.100 first? I’m also not sure if this is information that’s posted somewhere, I couldn’t find anything in the KB. I appreciate the help you all provide! 😄

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You should go directly to 5.09.110

I just did that two days ago and had no issues.

Awesome, thank you both!

today must be the day to do that update

I am doing the same thing today.

No issues also going direct, make sure you do a backup first.

Always do an Backup. You know Murphy. If you have a backup, you won’t need it, but if you don’t have one…

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