When upgrading remote IGEL OS devices via ICG (using Amazon S3), what is the correct package to download?

@member for upgrading remote TC’s via ICG (using S3), what is the correct package to download from on this site www.igel.com/software-downloads/workspace-edition/ All the TC’s are Dell PC’s that have already been converted and are running IGEL OS 11 (older version). I think this is the file I want

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However, when I extract it, there is no osiv.inf as outlined on page 35 of this document. www.igel.de/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/IGEL-OS-Firmware-Updates-Step-by-Step-Guide.pdf

Hrmm, just looking at the date of that document, I wonder if it is for OS10.

I haven’t gone to that version. Sorry. I wasn’t looking close enough. That is typically the one I use.

Are you still on OS10?


That‘s 100% correct @member, just unpack it to the webserver, check the content with a Webbrowser and you should be good!

Thanks, when creating the profile, what file do I point it at? In the document it says I need to reference osiv.inf in the URL (S3)

lxos.inf is needed.

No, file, just the folder.

Aha! Thank you as always

Perhaps I will blog about setting this up. I am sure others could use it.

Here is how I got firmware upgrades working via ICG and AWS S3. mybrokencomputer.net/t/upgrade-igel-os-using-igel-cloud-gateway-icg-and-s3/115

@member Is this an idea for Blogpost?

@member you are gold!!

Love it!!! Great job

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