When will you integrate external Firmware Update over IGEL ICG?

Hi IGEL, when will you integrate external Firmware Update over ICG? Keeping the external devices safe should be a basic requirement. Important: Without collecting all hardware devices or sending our users USB Sticks.

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not IGEL, but i dont think this going to happen soon… how do you handle this topic now? I agree, this is a important topic, so I would suggest spinning up a HTTPS / FTP / SFTP server yourself.

Hi Sebastian, we are planing this feature but I can’t give you an exact date for the moment, (I even double checked our Roadmap).

For the moment you have to follow Falks pint: you need an externally available Server like http(s), (S)FTP(S), etc…

BUT a few colleagues are creating Howtos to demonstratate how to set them up in AWS, etc…

> we are planing this feature but I can’t give you an exact date for the moment, (I even double checked our Roadmap).

I heard that this was not going to be integrated?

As @member mentioned, there are a number of workarounds that exist for rolling out FW Updates to ICG devices. See kb.igel.com/igelos-11.03.500/en/creating-the-universal-firmware-updates-28262238.html#CreatingtheUniversalFirmwareUpdates1-ConfiguringtheUniversalFirmwareUpdateforICGConfiguringtheUniversalFirmwareUpdateforICG and also www.igelcommunity.com/igel-firmware-updates-guide

@member sent you a PM.

Thanks for your messages.

@member is it possible to use fwus.igel.com fwus.igel.com as external source?

Not directly, since we need the Firmware ZIP file unpacked/extracted.

So how does this work if you’re already using an internal FTP server for firmware distribution? I know it’s possible to specify alternate locations for the firmware in the profile itself, but since you can only create a single FTP server entry in UMS, how would you even go about downloading the firmware? Or is it as simple as just copying the contents of your internal FTP server to the same directory on your external FTP server and pointing the profile to that?

Last one, just copy the content of the extracted FWU to the external one, copy the internal FTP Profile, adapt the server adress to match the external server, and assign it to the devices connected through ICG.

Nice! Sounds like the way to go.

Any chance OneDrive is an alternative for serving up firmware?

Don’t think so. Unless you used a Microsoft Graph API to download the firmware locally.. But that’s clunky

I figured as much. I’ll probably wind up going the FTP (Server 16) route.

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