Whenever I unplug the DisplayPort cable on a IGEL UD2 and plug it back in it reboots

On our new UD2, whenever I unplug the DisplayPort cable and plug it back in (or switch inputs on a KVM), the UD2 reboots. Is this a known issue? If so, is there a workaround/setting to prevent this behavior?

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Is it only happening on that device or on several UD2s? Can you describe how you connected the displays (adapter, or native cable), and the connected display?

I only have two of the new UD2, both on firmware, and they both exhibit the same behavior. Boot up with the DisplayPort cable plugged in to a monitor (HP E243m). Once I unplug the DisplayPort cable, the UD2 reboots.

Confirmed that it also happens using our LG 27MU88 monitors, so the monitor doesn’t seem to matter here.

Thanks for checking that! When you say reboot, we are speaking about a full reboot (incl. the start beep before Bios), right?

Yep, full reboot.

I was on vacation last weeks, will ask internally if this something is know! Would you mind to open a ticket just to be sure that the issue gets tracked?

Will do. Thanks!

FYI, this appears to happen on my UD3-LX 51 running that same firmware, as well.

Ooook, that‘s strange. Does it happen also when the device is reseted to factory defaults?

I can give that a shot. I’m trying to get 10.05.800 back on the UD3 right now

Hey @member we have had another issue reported with Display Port on the new UD2 with that firmware. It’s not exactly the same, but similar. I know there were quite a few fixes in the latest 11.02.130 that the user is testing now.

Would you be able to upgrade a UD2 to the 11.02.130 release and see if it helps with your issue?

I’m still running through testing, but I think it may actually be a setting in either one profile or Imprivata. Resetting to defaults using the same firmware, I no longer see the reboot. I have applied every single profile one by one and tested, and it wasn’t until the last one – my Imprivata appliance mode profile – that the reboots started again. I’m going to try and narrow this down

Hey @member which version of the Imprivata PIE agent are you running? There are known issues in the older Imprivata PIE agent around multi-monitor setups, and even display switching.


That appears to be it. Once it connects to Imprivata the behavior continues. I didn’t add the SSL cert to my profile, so with the UD2 set to use Imprivata appliance mode, removing the DP cable didn’t reboot it. Once I added the cert and it connected, the UD2 rebooted when I unplugged it.

That definitely should be new enough to not have that issue.

Just curious, are you testing the G3 migration yet? I know the PIE agent has been rewritten in the 6.3 release, and it is supposed to be a lot more flexible. Any chance you have your G3 appliances running yet that you could test against?

Nope, not on G3 yet. We have a project to build new G3 appliances and upgrade to OneSign 6.3, but we’re a few months away from that happening.

If you’re switching Imprivata environments (different server) in IGEL using different profiles, do I need to enable the _Clear Imprivata data partition_ option for it to work properly? I just switched to my Prod profile, but it’s not connecting.

Actually, to properly do it, you have to move the IGEL device to a folder that does not have the Imprivata partition applied. This will cause the IGEL to delete the local partition. Then you can move it back into a folder configured for Imprivata, and it will completely rebuild the custom partition and reload the Imprivata PIE agent.

I have found that checking the box for “Clear Imprivata Partition” misses some configurations and does not consistently work.

Good to know, thank yo


They still reboot while connected to Prod on PIE v6.0.000.0022. I’m going to see if one of the settings in the Imprivata policy is doing it, somehow.

I would actually expect monitor issues in the initial 6.0 release, there were quite a few bugs around how Imprivata handle display and device redirection in the early releases of 6.x.

Imprivata involved?

There is a setting for Imprivata.conf „reboot_on_monitor_event = False“ (from my memory) but I have to confirm next week when Iam back at work

I haven’t read all answers, if already answered sorry 😉

Thank you @member! That sounds like it may be it

@member I don’t see that in the default configuration file. Do you have anything that states where that should be added to the file?

I have an email from Imprivata support.

And Yep, it’s not included in default Imprivata.conf

I created a one-liner script „before desktop loads“ which checks if the setting is already there, if not it will be written to Imprivata.conf

@member: When you return, I’d certainly appreciate it if you posted the file/line in this thread.

I took the opportunity to write a small blog post:

IGEL ThinClient (UD2/UD3) reboots after monitor standby or monitor cable (HDMI/DisplayPort/VDI) is unplugged (Imprivata)

tl;dr: “reboot_on_monitor_connection_event = False” in “[device.tools]” stanza

Thanks @member, Nick had tested that and it doesn’t appear to fix the issue in this case, but we will keep moving forward.

Thank you, @member! Like Chris said, my initial modification to the file manually did not work, but I’m going to give your method a try to see if it’s something that I’m doing. I already have a ticket open with Imprivata, as well.

This is hilarious. I update our ticket to say that manually modifying the conf file didn’t resolve the issue, and their response was to send me the link to your new blog, @member.

indeed hilarious…

I am curious why it’s not working for you…

You put it right below [device.tools] stanza and you did a graceful reboot? (SSH into the machine the reboot)

I did, yes, but I have a new update. Manually modifying the file via SSH didn’t work, but using your script in a custom command did resolve the issue.

That said, I’m not sure if me checking _Clear the Imprivata data partition_ before re-applying everything resolved the issue. When I was manually editing the file, I could see the changes being saved, even after a reboot. However, when I saved the devices files for support, the Imprivata.conf file that was exported was not modified. With your script, the exported file is accurate.

well… thats odd. Clear the imprivata data partition removes everything from Imprivata so it was not a bad choice pruning the partition…

funny coincidence, I am currently writing a blog about automatically clearing the data partition on the Igels via plink.exe 🙂

Sorry to reply this late to the thread but we encountered the same issue last year at a hospital in the Netherlands.

We found out the Imprivata caused it and they fixed it.

@member do you still have the command we created to fix the “No monitor turn off” issue?

It’s _reboot_on_monitor_connection_event = False_. I implemented that via a script and it has worked perfectly.

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