Where can I register my IGEL devices for the extended warranty period?

Hi, I got a really stupid question concerning this:

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The End Customer may extend the period of the standard warranty on a one-off basis by filling out (within the Standard Warranty Period) an account registration form at www.igel.com www.igel.com. Once IGEL has confirmed the registration, the Standard Warranty Period will be extended as set out in the table below. The Extended Warranty Period is provided to the End Customer at no additional cost.

.–> www.igel.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/11/F-07-27-EN-09_End_Customer_Warranty.pdf

Where can i register my devices for the extended warranty period?

Can’ find it on your website, thinking maybe i’m blind?

what @member said below 🙂

The customer should sign up here:

support.igel.com/service-support-login/new-registration.html support.igel.com/service-support-login/new-registration.html

as soon as the account went confirmed, the warranty period for that customer device collection is extended automatically. Hope that helps!

ah.. ok i googled and searched your website how to register Igel-TCs for extended warranty… but i’ve to create an account for our company… i couldn’t see the forest for the trees…

Thanks a lot!

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