Where can I renew my IGEL ICE certification?

Where can I renew my ICE certification? Can‘t find it on the LMS, only ICP seems to be there.

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Same here

Do you have a Premium Subscription?

I guess I don’t have it. How should I earn this?

I don’t have Premium – guess that’s not free. So no ICE for me anymore :man-shrugging:

correct, premium is a subscription cost. One would purchase it through their reseller. I think IC Insiders can get a discount for it, but not a 100% positive on that.

Same here; ICE ends for me too then. I think it is not a very good decision by Igel to use subscriptions for this but hey, who am I…..:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

It’s not too much different from what other vendors do

Citrix, VMware, Cisco… they all require taking paid training classes and/or paid certification exams.

Probably one of the biggest downsides is that they offered it free to begin with and now are charging.

Hoping if/when they go back to in-person conferences that taking it at the conference is included.

Oké so only paying for the exam is possible? When I think of a subscription I think of monthly payments for a period (like 12 months)

I don’t think so, I apologize for inferring that. I was just meaning that many don’t just do them for free.

Folks, the ICP is the equivalent course to the “old” ICE course. The ICP is free of charge to take for the course and the exam. The NEW ICE course was designed to be a more advanced certification that is part of the paid for Premium subscription. Hope that clears things up!

Thx for clarification Ed. Can we also take a paid ICE certification without having to subscribe to Premium? Just paying for certification?

At the moment, the subscription is the only way to access the ICE exam. The ICE Course itself is a prerequisite for the exam because obtaining the certification is not just about answering the exam questions correctly but also getting the hands-on experience gained by doing the on-demand live lab exercises in the course. That said, I do realize there are some that already have the experience and could technically skip the course. That’s something we’re definitely considering but even if we go that direction, the backend systems are not in place yet to allow that kind of a la carte purchasing. Stay tuned though! 🙂

Understood – thanks Ed for explaining to us.

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