Where can we set the “Citrix server type” in Citrix Storefront in IGEL UMS / OS11?

With IGEL OS 11 i don’t see any option for setting this value “Citrix server type” in citrix storefront. Where can we set this:

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Looks like this option is missing in profiles that are version 11.03.110

The following Citrix features were deprecated on IGEL OS 11 because there’s no longer support for them at the Receiver/Workspace App for Linux level:

Citrix Legacy Sessions

Citrix Web Interface

Citrix StoreFront Legacy

Citrix HDX Flash Redirection

Citrix XenDesktop Appliance Mode

If any of those are still a requirement for your environment those devices will need to be on OS 10, otherwise on the 11.x interface you can specify either the full path to your store or just your Netscaler access gateway URL if you are connecting via that method

I guess I am confused. I have it set the same way as this KB dictates:


In the policy, there is no option to set that it’s using storefront instead of the legacy options. But on the thin client, that option exists. Therefore I am unable to force it to connect to the full store path and it’s defaulting on the client to use the method shown in the screenshot. I cannot force it to use the correct method unless I switch back to an older profile version.

The first screenshot was from the client settings. It was defaulting to the web interface. This is the policy i am pushing (redacted store info)

What FW version is the thin client running?


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