Where does IGEL OSdevice stores ICG certificate?

Hi Guys, anyone knows where does IGEL OSdevice stores ICG certificate? not the root certificate which /wfs/icgcert.crt

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That’s the only certificate that is stored on the OS

so we only store root certificate in device?

It’s a combination of root and intermediate

But yes, there are no endpoint certs stored on the endpoint

As is standard for PKI systems

so it should not matter whatever the endpoint certificate common name is ….right?

The name matters in the cert, it has to match your UMS / ICG servers, but the cert is not stored on the endpoint

as long as it’s using same root and intermediate cert …devices will connect

It’s handed to IGEL during the connection, and it validates it against the local root / intermediate certs

ok, but how does it checking for endpoint certificate validity?

how it will check if that cert is expired or revoked?

It has to get a valid endpoint certificate from UMS

If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t connect.

Revocation doesn’t come into play

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