Where is the RDP license stored on IGEL OS?

Where is the rdp license stored on the igel device (OS I need to clear the license cache due to some licensing problems. On a fat client windows machine this is stored on HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINESoftwareMicrosoftMSLicensing, however I cannot find the location on the igel (factory reset did not clear the cache..)

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Hi @member what licensing problems are you having? IGEL OS contains a variant of FreeRDP, open-source 3rd-party RDP client, i.e. not Microsoft software.

Some thin clients (about 6) are complaining about not having a RDP license, I have plenty of licenses avaiable on my license sever, but somehow the Igel is not ‘renewing’ the license.

I experienced this issue on a windows client, deleted the registry key and the problem is solved.

I experienced this issue on an IGEL an updating to V10 did solve the issue, unfortunately the other thin clients are not capable of upgrading.

I tried to factory reset the IGEL, same problem….

Do you have an error message?

these are per-device cals

Can you change to per-user? Maybe you are running out of licenses

I have plenty of licenses available, on a brand new IGEL, this works as expected (so I can distribute new licenses).

The problematic IGELS are not found in the Remote Desktop license manager, the new IGEL is getting a new CAL and is reported in the RD License manager.

After googling this online it looks like there may be an issue with per-device CALs in older versions of FreeRDP. That explains why it works when you update

I have about 70 IGELS running the same OS version, without any problems.

OK, that is very strange. I have no idea 😕

I changed the network name and it seems now the device is getting a license!

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