Where the “Asset ID” is stored on the IGEL OS device?

Anyone know where the “Asset ID” is stored on the device? I want to create a script to dynamically set this, as opposed to having somebody edit that field in the UMS console. I know PSIgel can do this, but that’s not what I’m looking for here.

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No idea but you can use “ums_structure_tag” maybe?


Awesome, that gets me 90% there. Since I’m trying to enter the converted hardware model (“ThinkCenter M93”), it looks like it omits anything after the space. It’s showing up as “ThinkCenter” in the field when using _MODEL=$(dmidecode -t system | grep “Version” | cut -c 11-)_ as the code.

Adding quotes around that worked, so I’m all set. You’re the man, Markus!

All kudos to @member! Iam just linking Threads 🙂

Let’s hope I never have to actually use Structure Tags for their intended purpose then…

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