Which directories on the IGEL OS thin client persist after a reboot?

I’m sorry if this is already documented somewhere (I checked quickly, but didn’t see anything, and viewed the list of mounted filesystems to see what was/wasn’t tempfs). Which directories on the Igel thin client persist after a reboot? We are testing a new program that needs to store configuration settings. Are there any recommendations for the best place to save/persist configuration files?

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Usually I prefer to create a specific partition


There, you would be sure to don’t interact with our productive partitons. /wfs/ is one of the persistent ones, which can be used for testing or if your script is light…

That’s odd…. I thought that /wfs was persistent, and that’s where the configuration file is. Oh, I have another idea for what is causing it. I think that a file rule is overwriting it. This might just be my oversight. 😞

If the file is too big, it will not persist in /wfs What’s too big? A file that doesn’t persist 🙂 Honestly, /wfs is not designed for anything other than the lightest of things. /custom is the way to go for more substantial items.

It’s just a small configuration file. I wrote a quick script to take care of it; the ‘file’ from the U.M.S. now has a different name, and if the actual configuration file isn’t there, it copies the renamed version to the correct name as the final desktop command.

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