Which URL’s IGEL UMS needs to acess on the internet?

Hello all,

I need to know which url’s Igel UMS needs to acess on the internet, for example to download firmware updates etc. In the customers environment internet access is denied for all servers, and we need to provide a whitelist of URL’s per server.

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Hello @member : edocs.igel.com/index.htm#16774.htm should give you all the needed infos

Is that the only time the UMS server needs internet access, for firmware updates, or are there more reasons for a UMS server to require internet access?

Usually, you would also need to contact the license server also: kb.igel.com/endpointmgmt/en/ums-contacting-the-licensing-server-3119036.html

But that should be the only moments where a connection is mandantory

@member if the UMS server isn’t allowed internet access you can always download the firmware updates on a machine that has access and then import the downloaded zip file into UMS.

Also license file download can be done from other machine and then imported to UMS.

Yep, so there is no need for a direct connection from UMS to our Servers but it is much more comfortable (especially in licensing actions)

Great, thanks all.

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