Who is familiar with vmware black screen issues after login?

Hi all, who is familiar with vmware black screen issues after login in combination with a Linux Horizon client? We have this problem from Igel devices and I thing it has something to do with an installed SVGA driver in VMWare tools but I do not can find out if issues with this last driver are related with Linux View clients. Are there some VMware guru’s here who have the knowledge and /or experience with this? I have also a support call running with Igel but they do not mentioned anything about this what I should expected when this would be a kind of known issue. Help is welcome!

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Looping in the most talented Horizon Guru I know: @member Maybe he has experienced something like this.

we got the same prob in our school platform. never found a solution.. but when you just power off and on the Screen it works as workaround.

@member: are you referring to CS0039773? The M340 installation?

I ask because you are a little light on specifics here.

The M340 is indeed having problems with hw accelerated blast. It’s more or less obvious given the use case, horizon version or hw driver being used, so it went some time under the radar.

@member I don’t have the case number present but yes, it are M340 (UD3-LX50 en 51) devices. Do you have any idea what to do to fix those issues? I have another client with the same Igel devices, the same profile and also Horizon RDS but no troubles. Strange isn’t it?

It’s the case number that you mentioned in an other thread. I told our support that they should test the 11.08.330 because the 2303 Horizon client uses the h.264 decoder in a different way which in my tests was doing much better.

Also there’s the possibility to switch from ATI to amdgpu graphics driver which is in better supported (but only usable for non-VGA monitors nowadays only rarely needed).

The problems are triggered possibly because the chipset can on the one hand handle up to 4k resolutions but on the other has only hw acceleration support up to 1920×1080. For all resolutions greater than that it must break it down into pieces which is harder to handle and leads to more or less frequent lock-ups in the graphics driver, apparently.

But using the amdgpu, I haven’t had the lock-up yet (using 2 1920×1200 monitors).

Ah yes, the support guy (forgot his name) contacted me for the firmware upgrade and for a registry change with the amd driver. I made the changes with a couple of test persons so we will see.

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