Why CentOS isn’t a certified OS for IGEL UMS?

Hi all, anyone have any info on why CentOS isn’t a certified OS for UMS?

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That’s a great question actually. Are you asking this because of the latest news about CentOS Stream?


I actually had not heard of that, thank you @member. Asking for a customer who uses CentOS widely in their environment. As I understand it CentOS is just a pared down community supported release of RHEL that has most of the same features and functionality, without the RH branded options of course. If they share the same kernel and maintain near-same feature parity I guess I don’t understand the why of not listing it as supported.

I have actually never used CentOS or RHEL myself. And unfortunately I don’t know if there was a reason behind IGEL not adding CentOS to the list of supported environments

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