Why does IGEL OS try to connect to IGEL’s update server during the first boot?

I’m curious about why Igel thin clients try to connect to Igel’s update server during the first boot, in light of the fact that it seems like they always fail regardless of location. Has anyone seen that succeed?

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This should happen when you have profiles that enable a feature which isn‘t activated by default and needs to be installed! Or if you disabled some features, and moved the device. Easiest way to avoid this behaviour, is assigning a Firmware Update profile to the top Folder of your UMS Structure

What I mean is that they do this during the first boot when they arrive from the factory, or when they are reset to default factory settings.

Ok, you mean, they boot up and bring an error message like cannot connect to igel ftp (fwu…)….etc? Are they already registered in your UMS at this moment or does it happen prior to it?

Yes, when we first turn on a thin client, before registering it or anything, it shows the Welcome screen, but on top of it, it shows this error message:

can you open the Igel Setup after completing or cancelling the Wizard and make screenshots of System=>Firmware Customization=>Features?

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