Why is Cisco Webex Meetings VDI not part of the IGEL 11.04.X or 11.05.x family of products when using the VMWare Horizon client?

Hello, is there any reason why Cisco Webex Meetings VDI is not part of the IGEL 11.04.X or 11.05.x family of products when using the VMWare Horizon client, when we read the new release notes regarding Webex Meetings VDI we initially do not see that it’s not there, only when you get into the release itself that you notice that it’s only available for Citrix, why so? When you dig into the igel registry you do see services entries that allow you to enable Webex Meetings VDI, but again it does not apply to VMware Horizon. We have a huge 500+ IGEL base install and Webex Meetings is part of the whole Webex eco system, and this not being optimzed compared againts Webex Teams VDI for Horizon, buggles me. Any insight or hopes of getting this feature enabled on the VMware Horizon client?

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Hello Roberto, sounds a bit weird, but did you updated the UMS too? Which version are you using?

Some features are only available in profiles if a UMS Update happened.

While Webex/Horizon is included in 11.05 and later 11.04 it was not in the very focus so far.

To use it, you have to switch on the following key in the IGEL Registry: _vmware.view.vdciscoteams.enable_

Turns out, that with the Webex Plugin that ships with 11.05.100, there’s a nice Webex Indicator icon which plants itself into the IGEL system tray as soon as Webex in the VDI is running.

The bad news here is that by doing so it’s jamming the scripting used for the Horizon session.

The result is that you cannot restart the same session again.

As usual, there’s a remedy for that.

So you can try out Webex after you enabled the mentioned key.

But to be able to restart the same session you’d need also the following patch (No. 1 for 11.05.100 afaik):

Put this one-liner of command line prose into Custom Commands > Base > Initialization:

sed -i ‘/^REAL_VIEW_BINARY=/a[ “$1” = “–version” ] && exec $REAL_VIEW_BINARY “$@”‘ /services/vvdm/lib/vmware/view/bin/vmware-view

Hi, i do have the settings activated on my OS 11.05.100 device, and the device is on it’s own. i will try the last parameter to see if the plug in kicks in..i’ll let you know

But again, it’s not Webex Teams VDI the issue on the Horizon size, but Webex Meetings VDI that is not optimized, the only way i can make it work somehow is by using RTAV set to ON and play with the RTVA Height/Width/Frames per second registry settings…ex: 720×480 @25 fps. The sound is fine with this method but image sync and quality is not optimal.

From IGEL OS view it’s only important that the _vmware.view.vdciscoteams.enable_ is set (the patch for the scripting is doing nothing to the Webex functionality)

If Webex Teams VDI Plugin is available RTAV is not used. And you see by the colorful Webex tray icon in IGEL OS when its on (webex Teams must be running in the VDI).

And when you click on that you get the About dialog which boasts it’s version.

And you see in the Webex Teams Options dialog you get the full name of the Camara and not the RTAV generic device.

I’m really not a WebEx expert but this is what I got.

Horizon Agent version is 7.9. Maybe there could be a difference

But maybe @member could have look. I think he’d like to add the use case to his document somehow.

HI Jo, we are not talking about Webex Teams but Webex Meetings which are two different apps. AS i currently stand, Webex Teams VDI icon as you show i present on my thin which is fine. But i use Webex Meetings on the host side i do not get the optimizations as i’m getting with the Webex Teams VDI plugin. In fact when the Webex Meeting Plugin is present and talks to the host the Title of the app says [Webex -VDI] which is the case if i use a windows endpoint to connect to my VHD that has the program installed, and this is the functionallity that i’m looking for. Thanks

Yes, thats right – WebEx Teams (now WebEx) is included by default in VMware Horizon – no need to additional keys, only WebEx Meetings is not included currently

Is this on a roadmap? like i said i can work around it, via RTAV but it’s not optimal and takes more resources out the host VHD, thanks, it not like Webex Meetings came out yesterday..:)

Its on the roadmap – will be out soon

Hello Lars, any news on getting this in a near release?

Hi Roberto, I have heard that it will be out till end of this week if the QA is running positive.

Thank you, i’m eager to getting it to test it out, this will surely have a positive impact on users experience.

Hi Lars, just got 11.05.120…but still no Horizon VDI Webex Meetings support?

I know, PM is working on that, it was not possible to integrate into this release (11.05.120 is “only” the public version of 11.05.112)

Ok, i’ll keep my eyes opened for a Private Build with that…hopefully soon

Hi @member.There might still be a way to try meetings.

I’m better now. I can tell meetings from teams 😉

By setting this link you can enable the webex meetings virtual channel:

`ln -s /services/ciscomeetings/opt/cisco-webexvdi/libCiscoMeetingsVMWarePlugin.so /services/vvdm/lib/vmware/view/vdpService`

Sometimes you find bugs, sometimes features.

Hello Jo, do you enable this on the Init,bef,…on the custom commands?

I put it in the INIT section and now my Webex Meetings says VDI 🙂 🙂 …I’ll test it…Thank you!

Hello Jo, any chance to have the same virtual channel command line but for MS Teams/Zoom with the VMWare Horizon client. We are getting more and more external meeting requests from suppliers/vendors and they use these two a lot, thanks!

Zoom VDI is already here: vmware.view.vdzoom.enable in the IGEL Registry.

Works, but the current version in 11.05 has a quirk. At the time you connect to the remote session the local setup must not run. If the setup is present, then the session connect is aborted on Initialization of the Zoom plugin’s virtual channel. Close the setup and zoom.

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