Why is “Citrix Virtual Desktop” missing from appliance mode settings on IGEL OS 11?

Anyone else notice that the “Citrix Virtual Desktop” option is missing from the appliance mode settings when creating a new profile base on 11.x? I’ve upgrade my UMS to version 6 and now creating a new profile based on version 11. The only Citrix option is “Citrix Self Service” which won’t work for me. My existing profiles bases on 10.05 still show the “Citrix Virtual Desktop” option.

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This is what the profile looks like if I base it on 10.05 version. The Citrix Virtual Desktop option is available in appliance mode, however it won’t work correctly if I apply this to an OS11 device.

Hey @member have a look in the release notes for v11, there’s mention in there if everything removed from v11.

About half way down


Thanks Carl. I see now that this has been deprecated. Now to figure out how we can continue to provide the “appliance mode” type experience but still present the storefront web UI for user logon. I’m assuming we could maybe do something similar with a hardened firefox session config that auto launches. I’d be curious if others used the “Virtual Desktop” appliance mode and how they plan to transition to OS11 while keeping that user experience.

@member I remember someone posted already a Appliance-Mode-like Profile but can‘t find it right now. @member and @member Am I right that it was sent by you?

Hi guys, I’m currently not at work but I’ve created a appliance like profile some time ago. I’ll have to look it up next week.

I opened a support case on this last night and was pointed at this article. kb.igel.com/igelos-11.01.100/en/use-the-browser-in-kiosk-mode-10327706.html

I got the problem, that I haven’t saw a taskbar in appliance mode, but my customer need one to shut the IGEL down. I created also a profile like appliance mode with Firefox. would you like to see it @member?

That’s by design. Only that’s needed as PM said.

No appliance mode in 11, oh boy. Would it be possible to have the info for the appliance like profile shared? One less complication this week would be great. Thank you!

Don’t understand you – there is appliance mode?

@member Do I assume right, that you are using Xendesktop appliance and you need a Appliance Mode like Profile? Like described by @member ?

A guide would be www.igel.de/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/WP_Securing-IGEL-OS-Endpoints.pdf

@member Yes, and thank you!

I now created a few profiles which simulate a Appliance mode. That should help!

The Admin Password is igel and you would have to adapt a bit the profile System Features Off, I just disabled RDP as a sample AND: I just created it during a webcall, so use it with caution. 😂

Thanks @member 👍

Hi, sorry, had to fix an issue caused by an corrupt browser profile. So please find attached the correct version of an Appliance Mode like Profile set.

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