Wifi is not working on Lenovo M75N running IGEL OS

Picked up a Lenovo m75n for the lab after talking to Lenovo. Should be Igel ready, but only wifi is working. The realtek wired nic is not. Anyone solved this already?

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Had a similar issue with LG unit with realtek wired nic.

LG CL600 today where after updating to OS11.05.100 the ethernet appeared to be broken. I got it working by enabling interface2, but feel like that shouldn’t be necessary. The devices do have a fiber port, but i’m not using it, and as I understood it, interface2 was more for a secondary nic or a fiber port. The card is a Realtek RTL 8111/8168/8411 PCIe Gigabit Ethernet Controller.

Same here. Lenovo M90n-1 is working fine with fw 11.04.270, but with fw 11.05.100 nic is not working.

Thanks for the replies. Hopefully there will be a solution soon, I don’t think manually enabling them is something that is supportable enough that I can put into production.

That was my thought too @member. I don’t want to deploy a firmware that needs changes made to be out-of-box operational. Hoping a fix comes soon since this affects devices from multiple manufacturers with both single and dual nics .

IGEL and Lenovo are pretty tight. I spent a bunch of time talking to the Igel Solutions Rep at Lenovo the other day and was pretty impressed by their roadmap. I think this may actually be an Ubuntu/Realtek issue but I am confident Igel and Lenovo are working on it and we will see a solution soon. I am trying to figure out if R1869 is misidentifying this NIC, which is apparently also shipping in our latest round of Lenovo Windows PC’s. If so, correcting this issue may result in creating another.

Lenovo’s solution works to enable the NIC – do not upgrade, but use the creator and install OS11.05.100. This version has some changes to OpenVPN that broke our PaloAlto VPN connections, so when I can get that working we can use it.

BTW – if anyone can move this thread to Hardware Compatibility instead of hardware, please do.

The 11.05.120 release yesterday fixed the NIC issues on my LG devices, so I would assume it is resolved on the Lenovos too.

Thanks for the update!

My pleasure. have a great weekend!

PA VPN is also working now. tyty IGEL!

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