Will IGEL OS 11 optimize and give better compatibility with Teams/Webex/etc. and audio/video redirections vs. IGEL OS 10?

Currently using IGEL UD6-LX clients working with Citrix VDI. These clients are on the latest version of the 10.x release, but was curious if these units will perform any different/better if upgrading to 11.x release. Has anyone seen where new thin client hardware would be needed to make full use of the 11.x platform?

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A big reason for looking at upgrading to 11.x is the optimizing and compatibility with Teams/Webex/etc. and audio/video redirections.

Offloading requires …


• Minimum 1.8 GHz dual-core CPU that can support 720p HD resolution during a peer-to-peer video conference call.

• Dual or quad-core CPU with a base speed of 1.8 GHz and a high Intel Turbo Boost speed of at least 2.9 GHz.


UD6-LX has Intel Celeron J1900 1.99 – 2.42 GHz (Quad-Core)

So yes… meets requirements.

The UD6 should at least offer a smoother user experience when coming to Unified Communication. optimzation, the general performance will not change that much.

The performance is not bad by any means right now, I am just trying to decide if upgrading hardware would be needed at this point or if upgrading the license to 11.x will fit the bill for now.

There are many things that I can’t do on 10.x right now that 11.x seems to be able to do with the proper config.

Is there another way to look at this? i.e. ports available/needed on a newer piece of hardware. Faster process needed… etc.?

Honest answer: if you don‘t have a specific need like h264 full screen acceleration, on 2/4K monitors, but Unified Communication with Audio/Video, the UD6 is perfect! I wouldn‘t see a need to upgrade honestly (from a purely performance POV).

Just to be sure, I would convert one, or prepare a USB Stick with IGEL OS, boot from it with a OS11 license and check if the performance still fits.

Btw… there is a great Doc on Howto setup UC on IGEL OS and TS:

files.igelcommunity.com/igelos_ucc_configuration_guide.pdf files.igelcommunity.com/igelos_ucc_configuration_guide.pdf

Thanks Sebastien!

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