Will IGEL UD3 clients provide the necessary CPU power for Google Meet, Teams and Zoom calls?

Hi all,

I would like to deploy IGEL clients to several office sites in the company I work for.

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The requirement is that these clients will be used for shared/team video conferencing purposes, i.e. they will provide access to Google Meet, Teams and Zoom.

Do you think that IGEL UD3 clients will be able to provide the necessary CPU power to run these in a local Chrome browser and also future proof us if it comes to the UD3 hardware for this use case?

If not, what other IGEL UDx client you recommend?

Thank you

Yes UD3 or similar hardware from IGEL Ready partners will do the trick. For Web camera, Logitech C930e or similar functionality — www.logitech.com/en-us/products/webcams/c930e-business-webcam.960-000971.html

You can have native CP for Zoom or Teams and can be found here:


Hi Dawid,

I would recommend the UD3 too, but I recommend too to test the UD3 in your company, you can contact you IGEL local sales representative to get a test device. 😉 We have the UD2 in our company and do local video conferencing on this device too and I can say it works, they are a little slow but can handle video conferencing. But the UD3 will better cover your needs.

Thanks a lot for your help, it’s been really useful.

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