Will /tmp persist through a IGEL OS reboot?

will /tmp persist through a reboot?

In short: no

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is there a dir/partition i can move a file to to persist on a reboot?

In short: yes! 😉

lol where would that be? /var? 🙂


There are few options, so better to understand the use case.

i have a single network capture in /tmp. i can’t pull the file because the device won’t connect to UMS so it needs to be rebooted but i don’t need to lose this pcap

Ah, ok. For single instance capture, then put it in /wfs/user, but only if it’s around 20MB or less.

it’s much larger

If you seek more permanent/larger usage, you can enable either “custom partition” or “persistent logging” partition…both of which you can define the size.

But this would likely require a reboot to enable.

How big…can you tarball/gzip it to reduce the size?

Alternatively if you have an accessible destination, you can copy from endpoint to that destiation (ssh, scp, ftp, etc)…

i can’t get a terminal on it to see the size but they’ve been averaging 12-200mb

You can also (ab)use a browser partition. They use a fs which does compression


Also copy off to USB stick, but all this requires some level of access to system.

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