Will VMware Horizon support be coming soon for WebEx Meetings?

Excited to see that Cisco Webex Meetings VDI Client that was added in 11.04.100! Only seeing the option under Cirtrix though 😞 Although WebEx Teams support seems to exist. Will VMware Horizon support be coming soon for WebEx Meetings?

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VMWare should be able to utilize RTAV and doesn’t need a plugin for most things. Have you tried it with their native technology?

@member RTAV works but the user experience isn’t great especially with video. Video quality improved significantly when comparing WebEx Meetings VDI Client on Windows with RTAV. Users also report increased latency on audio calls and sometimes have audio quality issues when using WebEx with RTAV.

Rtav quality is set quite low by default, you could try and up the resolution by applying it with policies. Horizon 8 and MS Teams over rtav works very well in my lab wit a windows based client. Haven’t tested webex or zoom yet… No idea when Igel will bring out an OS with Horizon 2006 client. Also hoping for them to include html5 redirection and teams over rtav support to be included. Too many customers need this like… NOW.

RTAV defaults to a forcing the webcam to 320 x 240, 15 fps. However, this can be changed at the Agent side (which is great since you don’t always have control of the client).

This is done with a group policy, (Documentation docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-Horizon-7/7.8/horizon-remote-desktop-features/GUID-59349114-6FA9-4E50-BAF5-970128CEB471.html here) but can also be done with direct registry edits inside the horizon VM (NOT at the client side) here: HKLMSoftwarePoliciesVMware, Inc.VMware VDMAgentRTAV . This is very handy for testing.

Another great tool for testing is the VMware Fling flings.vmware.com/real-time-audio-video-test-application Real-Time Audio-Video Test Application. This gives you a “loop-back” webcam that will let you see what the RTAV webcam looks like without needing to route it through a 3rd party app.

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