Windows 7 / Windows 10 conversion to IGEL OS 11

Get the most out of a Windows 7 / Windows 10 conversion to IGEL OS 11 with the track “keep it simple”:

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What you need:

1. UMS 6.05.100


3. Software Deployment tool like SCCM, Baramundi, Empirum, DX-Union, Ubisoft etc.

How it works (in 6 steps):

[1] deploy setup_igel_osc-for-windows_1.01.100.msi on your Windows endpoints (Bitlocker free hard drive is needed)

[2] copy and save osc11.03.560.iso to C:osc and rename it to osc.iso –> C:oscosc.iso

[3] reboot the Windows device

[4] open the UMS and follow this article:

[5] configure the profile without the UMS filetransfer (leave it in yellow, dont edit that options):

[6] start the conversion without copy the files from UMS to the device:

I’m interested to see how this compares to the old dd method in a task sequence. If the steps are really this simple, it seems like this could be executed in a task sequence as well, I will have to try this out later.

Pre-importing your MACs into the IGEL console allows for automatic licensing and registration if you have that enabled.

Yes, but this way is only the plan for devices with Windows. There will be very soon a better way for devices without OS. please stay tuned 🙂

(I got the prompt on the device that it was going to be converted) But seemed like nothing was happening.

I Noticed in the system properties of the device in the ums under “firmware description” – IGEL OSC Error:unknown RAM size (errorcode 13; phys RAM:0) The device has 8 GB RAM. Since that error was there I couldnt see any progress etc… I shut down the VM to add more RAM and when I went to boot back up it must have started the IGEL install because boot loader had Windows10 and IGEL. When the IGEL o/s install is running can you see anything from the device or does it just sit on windows screen until it reboots? I cant tell if it was running and I interrupted it or if it interrupted itself due to the RAM error.

Thats not for VMs, that is to convert real devices

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