Wireless manager enabled via profile, but its not active on the IGEL OS device Device + Profile

the device has the Wireless manager enabled via profile, but its not active on the device

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on the console of the device :

user@TC….7:~$ get network.applet.wireless.enable_connection_editor

Error: [ get network.applet.wireless.enable_connection_editor ] = 14 : No value available.

is this a (known) bug ?

Is your wireless card being detected correctly? I’ve noticed that when I try wireless usb dongles, that wireless manager only shows up if the OS correctly identifies the wireless device. Haven’t tested with 11.04.200 yet though so not sure if behavior is different.

the WIFI adapter works , only that specific setting does not seem to exist on the device. the profile for the same firmware has this option though.

also in /wfs/group.in the setting is set to true


@member could you retry on 11.03.580?

Is the firmware feature “Cafe Wireless” enabled? We had this (togehter with other not used features) disabled at we did not need it for our UD3-Igels. We startet using UD-Pocket and hat to reenable it for them so the users could use them in their laptop and connect using their WLAN at home.

@member we have a winner! You described the exact scenario we are in as well.

After activation of feature Cafe Wireless the Wireless manager is available.

I am just wondering if “Cafe Wireless” is an app, or just a fancy name for the Wireless manager?

edit: its the fancy name kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/cafe-wireless-wi-fi-32871597.html

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