With IGEL ICG, what typically do you all do for firmware updates?

when working with ICG, what typically do you all do for firmware updates?

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We have installed a webserver (lighttpd) to provide the firmware files. In our case the ICG server has enough resources so it runs on the same machine as ICG itself. There are other possiblities, some use Nextcloud, others a webservice from Azure or AWS.

Usually, we recommend to place the extracted firmware on an external FTP / HTTPD Server and let the devices download it from there. But in the Igel Community we have a couple of cool ideas how to integrate it in other ways. Please let me know if you need them (without official support).

thank you @member

@member that would be great, i am open to trying stuff out, and i am fine with unoffical, its just in my lab so if it breaks its not a big deal 🙂

here we go: igelcommunity.slack.com/archives/C8FC0D6U9/p1605637472407900

The other is coming from Markus.

Please keep in mind that running the firmware update server on the same server as the ICG is not supported by IGEL. If you run into issues with it, you may be asked to remove the file repository from ICG, or rebuild ICG on a dedicated server as part of the troubleshooting process.

thanks, I actually ended up using Azure Storage Blob! 🙂

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