With IGEL Ready certified devices, are people staying with IGEL hardware or using 3rd party and why?

Now that there is igel ready hardware are people migrating over to that from igel hardware our are you staying with the igel hardware , and why either migrating or staying with igel hardware

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depends on cost. The cost of the UD2, we use that for many. We are getting some of the LG AIO’s though.

Honestly? It depends from the use case the customer is seeking for, but our focus is laser focused on Software.

well for me its the support out of one hand – no need to get vendor ping pong – at least for devices that are in stock with IGEL .

I need a few thin clients and I don’t know which way to go since all my devices are Dell all and ones and Dell laptops or the new lenovo l13 yoga’s , so either I got to the lenovo 75n tc or the ud2 , with igel hardware you get 5 year hardware warranty

For the IGEL Ready partners, they run IGEL certification tests and send to IGEL to review and approve. So we should feel confident in IGEL Ready validated hardware.

That’s true… Atm. we have a couple of Backlogs on delivery, so I would go in touch with your local IGEL Sales rep. Atm. I would check for Lenovo Thinclients, they are a valid alternative.

I was told yesterday by our partner that UD2 supply is very good right now.

Cool!! @member

UD3’s are backordered until at least May

There’s also the raspberry pies

Hi all, how would the new UD Pocket Kobra VS suit in your portfolio? It is an encryoted usb pendrive, made in germany, 2 factor auth (smartcard + PIN), certified by the german federal office for information security for NATO restr/EU restri. and VS-NfD classified data…cheap, easy to use (plug and play) and if lost, it is impossible to access the data

looks like this

@member I mean, I like the product, I had similar usecases with iStorage devices. The only “issue” is, we need a Unit ID (kind of serial number) where our licensing is checking the integrity. But if the Stick doens’t roam a lot, the MAC is still a good alternative so you could install IGEL OS on the Stick!

This has all been checked by IGEL, it is fully secure, even more so then with a simple SN. Please check with your IGEL contact for details, they will be able to specify why and how.

Are you already part of our Ecosystem, like #igel-ready? Would be great to get more insights! 👍

In any case, there is a Unit ID and the licensing is checked for integrity, very securely so. We know, because we fully and build these device in Germany, all by ourselves, not by contract manufacturers in Asia.

Sebastian, please check details with your PM contacts, they will be able to provide all the information you need.

I will! Christian or Mathias?

Christian please.

Choose what’s the best fit for your use case – we have a mix of IGEL hardware and 3rd party (especially for mobile TCs).

As an IGEL Ready partner, I can confirm the verification process is quite intensive and thorough before we’re able to offer one of our OnLogic systems as an IGEL Ready Thin Client. So I would feel confident in the IGEL Ready offerings. 👍

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