With native USB redirection in a IGEL UMS profile, the video portion works and the microphone does not

Hello everyone,

I am running into an issue with passing both the microphone and video of my webcam into my Citrix environment. If I use native USB redirection in a UMS profile, the video portion works and the microphone does not. If I do not use native USB redirection, then the microphone works, but the video does not.

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· Webcam: Logitech C920 Pro

· Citrix: 7.15 LTSR

· Endpoint: UD3-LX 51

· Firmware:

Looking for some help on figuring out how to get both working. Thanks

Did you follow any how-to documents ?

I have read through and followed the ‘Webcam redirection and optimization’ article on your knowledge base.

Which type of optimization did you use?

Also, I’m no expert but the problem could be related to your Citrix version, 7.15 is a bit more limited in terms on UC optimization

I would also recommend upgrading to the latest firmware version since most webcam optimization packs were introduced later, in 11.04.x

I would add this great guide to the equation ( and follow Davids advice on upgrading the endpoint.

I will have to check the compatibility with Imprivata again. I know we were not able to upgrade past firmware 11.01 because of incompatibility with our Imprivata appliance, but that was many months ago.

This site, kb.igel.com/igelos-11.04/en/imprivata-onesign-compatibility-32868820.html, states that Imprivata OneSign is only compatible with IGEL firmware 11.01.x.

I am going to download and test the firmware on a single device now.

For IGEL/Imprivata support, it’s best to check directly on Imprivata’s support website: documentation.imprivata.com/01RefArch/Content/Topics/OSSupportedComponents.htm (sign-in required)

That page states that OneSign 6.3 PS1 and later is supported on 11.04.130 and later

It has also shown support for 10.06.170+ in the last 3 revisions of that doc from Imprivata, FWIW. IGEL 11.01+ supported Imprivata OneSign 6.0+.

Unfortunately our client is only on One Sign 6.2. They will need to upgrade to at least 6.3 before I can upgrade the firmware past 11.01. I am using the unoptimized method of redirection and have followed all the steps in the ‘Webcam Redirection and Optimization’ article and the screenshots listed by app.slack.com/team/U8TCQAUL8 Sebastien Perusat. I am still not having any luck getting both the video and audio pulling through.

Are you testing from a 32bit Application, listed as supported here?

support.citrix.com/article/CTX132764 support.citrix.com/article/CTX132764

Yes, I installed 32-bit Firefox and tested with the same result.

The setting in the attached screen shot is what causes the different parts of the web cam to work:

If the device rule is set to ‘Allow’, then the video works and the microphone does not.

If the device rule is set to ‘Deny’, then the microphone works and the video does not.

You probably want to utilize HDX not USB redirection.

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