With VMware Horizon 8 on IGEL OS, the displayed keystroke is consistently one behind

Hi all! I’m getting a really bizarre keyboard issue. iGel OS 11.05.120 in a VMWare Horizon 8 environment. While in the remote session, in any application (Word, Notepad, Zoom, etc) the displayed keystroke is consistently one behind. It won’t show the last character you typed until you type the next one, no matter how long you wait. Has anyone every experienced something like this before? It’s happening to all users.

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Hi Nicholas, no I didn’t but let me ask: corded or wireless keyboard? What kind of Hardware are you using on this endpoint?

Like described it’s the in(famous) graphics artefact when DRI2 is used and not a keyboard issue.

Blast’s H264 based hw acceleration has a problem that the last rendered video frame is not displayed in some cases like typing and so the last key stroke doesn’t show up on the screen at the right time.

Fixed by enabling this IGEL Registry key: x.drivers.use_dri3

This setting is not the default because the Citrix based counter part has still problems with their hw acceleration when DRI3 is used.

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