WVD camera redirection on IGEL OS?

Does anyone know if the WVD Sessions app on IGEL OS allows for camera redirection? Camera redirection works on Mac and Windows for WVD, IGEL OS recognizes the camera via web browser with Zoom, but WVD doesn’t recognize the camera via the WVD sessions app.

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WVD and Webcam redirection is not available atm. Microsoft is aware that Teams / Zoom Optimization is one of the Top3 requests from market and I know they are working on it with Prio1!

Awesome — thanks for the info as always @member! I know this would be a major hold up for moving to IGEL for WVD in production for us, so it’s definitely a feature we are looking forward to!

Quick question @member — Does IGEL manage the WVD Sessions app in IGEL OS? Just curious if the webcam redirection feature is something that Microsoft would have to create and then IGEL would have to implement. Asking in regards to a general timeline of how long it might take for the feature to roll out once made available.

We manage the WVD Client that is coming from Microsoft officially but this virtual channels need to be addressed mostly on MS side. The only “workaround” which performs well atm. is to use the Fabulatech component but that means additional fees.

Thanks again for the info. I’ll have to take a look into Fabulatech. Is that something that would be installed on the IGEL OS side or WVD side?

We will integrate the Agent in our Firmware soon, the Server component needs to be installed on your WVD Server.

Good to know — Is Fabulatech currently a working option or would we have to wait until it’s integrated into the IGEL OS firmware?

For the moment, it‘s only experimental, and nothing official to share but a first workaround. The second, could be to deliver the UC Solution you are using (Zoom?) locally as a Custom Partition in the meantime.

We are using Teams and Zoom regularly, and Webex (as needed), so we would really need a general webcam redirection solution for all apps that require one. Thanks again for the info. Always very much appreciated!

Hi , ! I’m from FabulaTech. We have universal webcam redirection solution that works for any remote desktop environment (including VWD). As Sebastien told, the Client side of our solution is not yet integrated into IGEL OS natively, so for a now it should be integrated manually (e.g. via custom partitions). Anyway, it’s possible to try it to see how it works (IGEL help is needed in order to configure everything correctly to make it work with VWD client). Then you need to install Server side of our webcam redirection into VWD. The performance is really good.

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