WVD USB redirection on IGEL OS

We have a customer testing OS11 (11.04.200) on a converted laptop and connecting via WVD, but needs to use 2 USB devices (Canon DR-C130 scanner and a Wacom STU -430/G tablet) and they appear as unkown into session.

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I found this article. Still not supported USB redirection?


Best regards

Hello Bruno, for the moment the WVD Core doesnt include the support for virtual channels. But you might wait a bit, www.fabulatech.com/partners/microsoft-windows-virtual-desktop/

is an alternative where we look at it closely… Let’s say, I’m awaiting an integration soon.

Keep me informed with any news, please. It ́s an important customer.

Many many thanks

Hi Bruno – who is the customer please?

I don ́t know if I can tell it, but is related to national tax management

If you feel more comfortable @member you can switch to Direct Messages to @member. Just in case 😄

@member It’s Vladimir Mostovoy from FabulaTech. For redirection of Canon DR-130C it’s good idea to compare FabulaTech USB Redirection vs FabulaTech Scanner Redirection which is optimized solution and may work faster, especially ove the Internet.

As to Wacom signature pad, Being USB device, it actually appears as COM port in operating system. So, redirection it as virtual serial port also may provide better user experience (but everything depands on the customer Internet connection speed).

Anyway, the integration for all the above products into IGEL OS for WVD is in progress, so we need to wait until IGEL will finish the integration.

Many thanks to all of you and for your work. 😉

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