ZEBRA GK420D labelprinter not working in IGEL OS? Any recomendations?

Hello Guys,

we’re trying to get a labelprinter ZEBRA GK420D off to work, but it doesn‘t work. The first problem is that zebra does not have a driver for linux devices and the second is, that we’re not able to add a printer with Cups. Does anyone had a similar problem or a solution? The printer is connect via USB.

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Thank you in advance!

Hi @member, Do you have the Zebra drivers on the terminal server or VDI? Are you using RDP, Citrix or VMware?

We’re using RDP. The drivers are on the server.

Hi, did you tried to follow the following tutorial kb.igel.com/igelos/en/printer-2720529.html and map the printer to RDP ? You don‘t need a local printer driver essentially, Raw can be enough. the Custom Windows driver name should be the key and has to match 100% the Windows driver name

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