Zoom performance on IGEL OS?

Hello Igel-Community,

We are currently testing the Zoom VDI Client extensively in connection with the Zoom Media Plugin on the IGEL-UD2 devices. The firmware is installed on all tested devices.

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Now we have the following problem:

With the UD2-LX50 (M250C), the performance is great and the zoom conferences work perfectly.

However, we still have a lot of UD2-LX40 (D220) in use where the performance is unacceptable. Is this due to the outdated hardware of the client? Or are there other configuration settings that we still have to consider with this device generation?

Does anyone have an idea or experience here?

Many Thanks!

We use the UD3-Series so I have not worked with both UD2 series devices before. But if you look at the processor, there is quite a differenz in performance. The E8000 series Intel is a Quad-core CPU,the E3815 Atom in the LX-40 only a single core processor.

Thank you for your answer. We also noticed the difference between the processors. However, we are not sure if that could be the reason for the poor performance.

The LX40 are really … old fashioned IMHO. They were a cheap device from the beginning but this device is getting tough to manage because of the CPU…

So would you advise against using the model for video conferencing because of the poor performance?

Yes, Zoom might improve a few things in Codecs but the old UD2 is really over the limit…

Thank you both. You have helped us a lot again. 🙂👍

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