Zoom plugin doesn’t seem to work on IGEL OS 11.05.120

Zoom plugin doesn’t seem to work on 11.05.120

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I have a policy that enable the Teams/Zoom plugin which was new in 11.04.270 if I am not mistaken. Just rolled out a new unit with 11.05.120 and Zoom wasn’t detecting the camera correctly on my LG 38″ AIO. As soon as I rolled back to 11.04.270 everything worked fine. Any ideas why?

Have you checked whether the camera itself is working locally on 11.05?

On some device that was upgraded more time we get the same problem with zoom. Locally webcam work. In UMS, edit configuration, the zoom offload flag was not here! The only solution was to reimage the device from the USB OSC.

Paul, just in case, and because Webcam can be easily misconfigured (no offense 😄 ), would you mind checking this great UC guide?


I would especially disable Native USB Redirection during testings.

Thanks for the input, the setup is correct and I am trying to eliminate any Native USB redirection (right now I have none is production)

I will need to do some testing with the Webcam on IGEL 11.05 and advise.

I did some more testing and on 11.05.120 the webcam works fine on webcamtests.com webcamtests.com and zoom web client. I am going to try some more testing with the Zoom/Team optimizations as shown below.

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