Zoom Plugin installation on IGEL OS

Hello everyone

Can you please help me regarding the “Zoom Plugin” installation on igel.

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Client Information:

Product IGEL Universal Desktop LX



We downloaded the Zoom plugin version: IGEL x64: 5.0.412510.0521 on support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/360041602711

And install it with the Install guide “Steps to deploy the Custom Partition” which is included in the download-file.

After creating the UMS profile “Zoom Citrix Plugin 2.5” and deploy it on the TC it, doesn’t work. The error message on TC:” Partition information couldn’t be downloaded” appears.

The data are in the ums_filetransfer folder and couldn’t be viewed as we try to open on a internet browser. The merror message that we get on the web page “ access denied / error 403”

We usually deploy certificates from this folder and we don’t get any issue.

Thanks in advance for your help and replay.

Hello Ranjith, beside the quite “out of date” Firmware version (10.06.190 would be a great update to use), lets try to get the thing sorted out:

1. your link in browser should look like this IpUMS:8443/ums_filetransfer

2. it should ask for an User / Password

3. you should be able then to browse to your file and check the access

Like this:

If that doesn’t work from the endpoint, please try from your workstation. If that doesn’t work either, I would check Windows Firewall, Proxy Settings.

Also, you for that older version of the firmware you need the EMP license. Or, you could just upgrade to 11.3.5 where the CP is included.

Hello guys,

Thanks for your replay. Actually i managed to install the plugin with a new with high privilege user on the UMS Server. I will discuss with our customer about the firmware update that we should do.

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