Zoom VDI Client – HDX webcam redirection, Citrix session will suddenly disconnects on IGEL OS

I’m trying to get Zoom VDI working in our environment. I’ve got HDX webcam redirection to work to the browser, and also to pass to the Zoom VDI client and show up, however after running for a minute or two the Citrix session will suddenly disconnect. Looking through the logs, it indicates that it is Session Reliability that is disconnecting the session. If I close all instances of Zoom then the session will remain connected without any issue. As soon as I launch again, the disconnection will happen after 1-2 minutes.

The disconnection messages show up in the VDA system event logs and are either event 10 followed by event 1005, or event 12 followed by events 1021 and 1007. All of these events are related to session reliability.

We’re running:

-AIOs from HP and Dell with IGEL OS 11.04.100

-Desktop servers are Windows Server 2019

-All Citrix versions on all components are LTSR 1912 except for the IGEL OS which are the default, 20.04

-Running sessions through a Netscaler/ADC

We also have Imprivata ProveID Embedded, however the issue still occurs with this taken off the IGEL thin client and accessing through the storefront directly.

Does anybody else have a similar setup and experience the same issues? Or does it just work for you? Should I be logging the issue with Zoom or Citrix instead?

For me it’s working, only difference is that I’m using workspace app 1912. could you do a Test and change the workspace app in your os 11.04.100 Profile to a lower version than 2004?

Tried 1912 version but with the same result. Just to confirm, you use the built in Zoom VDI client from IGEL, not the custom download and installed partition off Zoom website? And what version of the Citrix Zoom VDI client are you using? I have noticed that they’ve got an updated version to what I’m using available for download now. I’ve got 5.2.37291 (3.1.0) on the Citrix server and then just whatever is built in to IGEL OS 11.04.100, but I see 3.1.2 is now available, so I’m behind there.

We have the same issue… Citrix 1912, Igel version from 11.03-11.04.130, sometimes it disconnects after 2 minutes other times after 30 minutes.

User reported back the following … The latest build (11.04.130) with 2009 and updated Zoom VDI client appears to have resolved the issues with session reliability disconnections.

Thank you we were still running 2006, we will update the client to 2009 and test again!

Build 11.04131 is what we have successfully tested with on two machines, this is a private build that as Ron mentions includes 2009 and updated Zoom VDI client. Still trying to confirm that it works on all our different machines, but I don’t see why it wouldn’t.

Just confirmed that 11.04.130 does not resolve the issue. But 11.04.131 does.

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