Is it possible to show the Teamviewer ID in Conky

Hi all, does anyone know if it’s possible to show the Teamviewer ID of a Teamviewer Host custom partition within the conky system monitor? what would i need to add to the config?

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Hi Marcell,

do you have a Linux command to get it shown? Then we could help.

Maybe this?

correct “teamviewer -info” shows the TeamViewer ID

Only that?

no it shows more, have a look:

I don’t have the CP by hand, would have to deploy it first.

I would check with a pipe and grep if your find your Way:

teamviewer -info | grep ID

or similar.

If yes:

I would try it in the Custom text in your conky section:

“`Teamviewer ID: ${exec Your Command}


and it prints the ID

this code works on the terminal and only returns the actual TeamViewer ID:

“`teamviewer -info | sed -n ‘s/TeamViewer ID:[[:space:]]*//p’“`

but when i use

“`Teamviewer ID: ${exec teamviewer -info | sed -n ‘s/TeamViewer ID:[[:space:]]*//p’}“`

it only prints:

“`Teamviewer ID:“`

but doesnt show the actual ID 🙁

maybe Teamviewer ID: ${exec $(teamviewer -info | sed -n ‘s/TeamViewer ID:[[:space:]]*//p’)}

nope, it also doesnt show the value i’m afraid…

Can’t test easily atm.

Will try on monday.

thanks, i’ll also keep trying… if i just run

“`${exec teamviewer -info}“`

then it doesnt show the teamviewer id like it does when i run the command in the terminal, its like the conky instance doesnt have full access to the teamviewer cp

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