Are wildcard certificate supported with the IGEL ICG 2.01.110?

Hi all,

is a wildcard certificate supported with the ICG 2.01.110? I’m trying to install ICG using latest UMS. Prior I’ve imported the whole cert chain + public/private key of the wildcard certificate which is issued by a public CA. I’m able to install the ICG on the Ubuntu Server and will be asked afterwards for the Displayname, Host and Host (external). Unfortunately i can only select the hostnames, which are included in the certificate: * and Of course the hostname for the ICG should be something like

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I’ve checked KB, Getting Started Guide and the recent Youtube video from Udo and Raphael. Thanks!

Hi Philipp. Yep, wildcard certs are supported. And your external address has to be conform with the cert. So where’s your problem?

Hi Udo, thanks for your reply. E.g. will be supported by the wildcard certificate, but unfortunately i cannot edit the hostame to during the setup. Only and are available from the drop down menu.

You can see the same at your Youtube video ICG Setup Part 1 at 30:27:

I didn’t use a wildcard, I used a self signed.

Choose your wildcard and in your DNS configure with the external IP address of your ICG.

Hey Philipp – have you tried a manual install instead? You’re right – looks like the remote installer forces you to that drop-down. The manual adding of ICG bypasses that (free text field).

Thanks for your help, appreciate it! I can confirm, both answers are valid 🙂 Interesting: manual adding the ICG provides a free text field for the external host name, while the remote installer does not.

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