IGEL OS is not reverting to ‘default’ behavior after removing assigned profile


I’ve always thought that if I remove a profile in UMS from a folder, the thinclients should automatically fall back to the default settings; e.g. I enable a checkbox somewhere in the profile, while the default for this checkbox is disabled. Then I remove/delete the profile. Shouldn’t the client revert to “disabled”? I’ve observed that in the local config of the client the checkbox remains “enabled”.

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Is that expected behavior? In the IGEL docs I read about removing profiles: “This profile will now no longer affect the individual device(s) in the directory. The overwritten value for the settings is reset to the value which was valid before the profile was assigned.”

So did I observe some kind of a bug? Or do I have to revert settings before removing the profile? 😶



I’m expecting the same like you do: it should revert the value to the value set locally.

So, interesting would be: reset the device to factory defaults, reregister, assign profile and remove it again. How does it evolve then?

Hi! I’ll try the factory reset 🙂

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