Keyboard mappings while using the IBM iAccess client are not saved and lost on IGEL OS reboot

Question: We are unable to save keyboard mappings while using the IBM iAccess client. The changes we make a lost on a reboot. We’ve tried importing and saving different keyboard profiles with in the app. Saving sessions in the app. But like I said, all changes are lost on reboots. Any suggestions? TIA.

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Hi @member those mappings are saved as a file right? (I’m not so experienced in iAccess)

Yes they are saved as a file. We can load those files each time the system reboots. It’s just that the system doesn’t remember to use those files after the reboot.

Where are the files saved?

I had this topic in the past…

Possible solution: find the needed and already configured files and copy them to your UMS Server, upload them as file to UMS (File=>new file=>undefined // path /wfs/myfile), assign them to the testclient.

After that create a profile where System=>Firmware Customization=>Custom commands=>Network initialization looks like

ln -s /wfs/myfile PathToOriginalFile

Save=>Assign=>Reboot the client

More or less, I‘m not on a Endpoint right now😥

Thanks for the replies. I got it working. On a client I made all my iAccess config changes (colors, keyboard mappings). I then saved it local to the client overwriting the default config file (this always worked but all was lost on a reboot). I then exported the default config file with my changes from the client using the copy file feature in the UMS. I then created a file in the UMS using my custom config file and made it overwrite the default config files on my clients. Tested good.

Thanx for the update! Glad you got it going! 👍


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