WVD Sessions area is missing completely from Settings in UMS

Trying to Setup WVD but the WVD Sessions area is missing completely from Settings and when i click to add a session WVD isn’t an option. If i do a factory reset i get the options back but WVD won’t launch at all

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What version of IGEL OS and UMS?

11.5 no UMS

its just standalone Thin Client that we are using to test WVD with

Do you have a valid license? What do you see in setup when you try to configure it?

I”m using a Demo License. Confirmed it was good.

If i do a factory reset before the licnse is applied. i can see the WVD sessions box and i can add a WVD session. I configure it the exact way all the guides show from igel. and the Icon appears on the desktop but it just won’t acautlly start

If apply the licnese to it and reboot. The Icon on on the desktop goes away. And if i go into sessions and try to add a new WVD session. WVD isn’t even an option anymore

Odd that you don’t see the option, but the session shouldn’t be available without a license. It makes me think something is wrong with the license.

Most likely it would be easier to install UMS and use it for troubleshooting honestly.

Yeah, was just hoping to do a quick setup and test for Proof of Concept without having to build a whole enviroment for it

You can install UMS server in a VM or something. It shouldn’t take long. IGEL OS isn’t really meant to be used without UMS

sounds good, i’ll give that a try

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