At what point is it recommended to do an IGEL UMS HA installation?

I have a need to rebuild my UMS server. At what point is it recommended to do an HA installation? Originally I was setup on a single server using the embedded database. My device count is currently about 1200.

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Well, since the HA module is included by default in the WE License, this topic comes quite often. Let me give you my suggestion: 1200 is a higher amount of endpoints but not such high as it requires a HA. It’s more a question of redundancy. A second thing: it might have a slight performance improvement but only if we speak about the external DB, so HA isn’t required here. So IMHO, you should be good with one server, an external DB might reprensent an improvement!

If the 1200 clients are logging in lets say around 8 and 8.15 or 8.30 am every day, then it would be a good idea to use HA as every endpoint is contacting the UMS at startup.

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