Can’t delete a Viewers folder – says it is items still attached when they are not?

Viewers folder is empty, but when deleting the folder it shows that their are items still attached

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Hi @member, have the old thin clients been deleted from the Recycle Bin? This may be the root of the problem.

No, they still existed in the recycle bin

After removing them, could you delete the folder without a problem?

i’ll give it a try. Just concerned that if I delete from the recycle bin, the thin client will again lose the certificate…thanks

Hi, good point, the certificate WILL be lost! 😐

The mistake was to base a new UMS environment off an existing one.. because all the thin clients will then be under control of the new one as well as the old one. IT would have been better to start with a fresh UMS install and import any profiles needed from the old UMS

Right, now we know, but too late at this point. Do you know of a way to break the link on these thin clients that are in the recycle bin?

Not really. To be honest I would just turn off that UMS and install a new one, and go from there., and scan in the new thin clients as needed

ok thank you

Another thing noticed is that both UMS environments use the same Certificate Serial Number. Are we going to run into other problems in the future by having duplicate certificate serial numbers? Is there a way to change the serial number without impacting thin clients? I’m attaching a picture of where we see the certificate detail showing the serial number.

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