How to access the IGEL OS file system?

I am trying to distribute keys for for Open VPN via UMS but I can’t figure out how to access the file system to see if the files are actually installed. Is there a file explorer app?

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Hi, when you configure a terminal “Accessories –> Terminals” you can start a explorer with the command “Thunar”.

For OpenVPN you usually deploy your keys to /wfs/OpenVPN/. If you do so, then you can refer to them in the setup just by their filename.

With the local setup you can also open a file dialog for the keys.

Ok solved that problem, I am a bone head. Was missing a “/“ in a file path. Now I am getting this error on the the server “TLS Error: cannot locate HMAC in incoming packet” any thoughts ?

Ok Nevermind – didn’t understand I need this ta key file for tls auth

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