How to harden iGEL ICG on Debian 9?

Hey Guys, we ran a vuln scan on the ICG server and came back with these items to remediate.

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Anyone know how to get this remediated on Debian 9

SSL Server Supports Weak Encryption Vulnerability

Birthday attacks against TLS ciphers with 64bit block size vulnerability (Sweet32)

Hey, which ICG Version are you using?

This may help:

ICG Version: 2.01.130

Thanks will try this

How to disable all but TLS 1.2 ? Scan keeps coming back the same

This is what I have

With that configuration it should be using 1.2 only – did you restart the service?

yes , systemctl restart `icg-server.service`

your scan may be calling out specific cipher suites then – I would recommend opening a ticket and including your ICG version, your Debian version, and further information about those remediation items (which SSL/TLS versions and cipher suites are considered weak)

Thank you

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