IGEL OS thin clients (UD3) loses connection to the UMS

We have problems with our thin clients (UD3) that they “lose” the connection to the UMS. The problem occurs sporadically, we have already checked the network hardware and replaced it. This problem does not affect all clients either, only a few clients. After a restart or network reconnect, the problem has disappeared for a short time. Settings are then also not adopted by the UMS.

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Which UMS Version are you using?

6.05.100 (Build 47020)

Just to be clear, are you facing an issue or only the red cross on the Igel Info?

If it were just the red cross, I would be happy. 🙂

At irregular intervals, some clients can no longer be managed or are no longer accessible. When this happens, the red cross can be seen on the clients. In this case, only a reconnect from the network or a restart of the thin client will help to solve the problem. They can then be managed again via the UMS.

Are you using ICG as well?

We don’t use ICG yet.

Please open a ticket, we received a couple of feedbacks where this situation were reported but I couldn‘t reproduce it on my side.

I have seen the same after upgrading clients from 11.02 to 11.04.110. I’ve tried several things: 1. Booting to Verbose mode and seeing if device connect at that time. 2. Seeing if a factory reset fixes it (jury is still out). 3. Plugging into different port, playing with cabling. 4. Swapping the network cable – currently my goto solution as it seems to fix the problem fairly consistently.

I have a feeling that upgrading to 11.04 has triggered this behaviour, and my current working theory is that it is less tolerant of network faults. I’m getting units that were working on 11.02, but stop working after 11.04. As strange as it seems, and it took a while to get to this point (since it happens quite rarely), swapping the network cable (in nearly all cases) seems to have resolved issues where the IGEL is stuck at “Network connecting LAN DHCP” type messaging. The system doesn’t connect to the local LAN connection.

Unfortunately it’s rare enough that I cannot reproduce on demand.

After we updated our UMS to version 6.05.110, the problem has disappeared. We will keep an eye on it.

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