Is there a setting for IGEL OS wireless to use 5.GHz preferred over 2.4GHz?

Is there a setting for wireless to use 5.GHz preferred over 2.4GHz? I do not want to limit the devices to only 5GHz I did see the setting for wireless mode to limit to a/n. Any suggestions?

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imo it is a case for client/band steering of the wifi controller. just have a ssid on APs which have radios in 2,4 and 5 ghz on the ssid.

and in the wifi-profile on the devices configure said ssid

@member You could check, System, registry, network.interfaces.wirelesslan.802_11_h and

jup what @member mentioned – we use band steering on AP/controller for this

We have that configured now Falk. The problem is we want the devices to connect to 5.GHz first if posable it seems they all connect to the 2.4GHz. I did make a Profile like you suggested Sebastien choosing 5.GHz (default is 2.4GHz-5.GHz) and found out a few devices did not have a 5GHz radio. So I had to copy my device group and remove the profile from the new device group and put the older devices in it. We are in the United States so 802-11-h would not do anything for us.

@member you are maybe? mixing things up. If you have (correctly) configured band steering, then the wifi controller puts the clients in to the best fitting band that they can use. In this case you cannot restrict the clients to either 2,4 or 5 ghz. It is also possible that the wifi controller puts 5 ghz able clients in the 2,4 band if it suits its purpose (e.g. 5 ghz band full).

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