Network problems with IGEL 11.04.100 and newer

Network problems with 11.04.100 and newer

Till 11.03.580 we had no problems with network connections. After updating to 11.04.100 or 11.04.200 network connection is not possible anymore. Solution for us is to change network cables and patch cables from 4 wires to 8 wires. What is causing this problem? Of course the wires have to be changed soon, because they are too old, but I have to update some Igel to 11.04.200 to get rid of the screen recognizing problems. Most Igel have to use 2 monitors. Is there a registriy key to disable or enable a feature?

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Hello, maybe try setting fixed transmission rates on Switch / IGEL. I had issues like that on various network devices with only 4 wires. Didnt observe it with Igel yet, but might be worth a try.

I think the newer network stack on 11.04 is less tolerant of bad cables and/or has issues autonegotiating them down – try forcing 10 or 100 mbit via a profile

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