Recommendation for IGEL printing with CVAD with UPD?

Hello All, Any recommendation for IGEL printing with CVAD with UPD?

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Installed the print driver on Citrix servers for allowing printer mapping from Linux/MacOS –

Client printer mapping is fine after installing above driver but the print jobs are not coming through.

We are using client redirected printers with Citrix UPD.

Hello Srinivasan, this one is going to provide you with hours and hours of fun. For Mac endpoints with XenDesktop (7.15.4000) I could solve it with this Driver which I got trough this Source.

I didnt test it with Linux (Igel OS).

Best of luck 🙂

Print is getting redirected to Citrix session after installing the printer, only issue is print jobs not sent to the printer.

• Were you able to print successfully on MacOS?

• Are you using Citrix UPD?

Hi @member, the move to install the Universal Printer is one thing, but you also have to configure your local printer connected to the endpoint. Check if you can print locally (eg using the browser). Overall it should work like this: the remote desktop uses it’s universal printer driver to connect to the cups printers on the endpoint. So the endpoint must provide the driver needed to print.

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