Recommendations for USB WiFi dongle that work with IGEL OS?

Hey does anyone know which USB WiFi dongle work with Igel OS? So far we can’t find one from the HW compatibility DB that actually works. Some don’t show up as device at all and others the WiFi association fails .

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Hey! From what I’m telling our customers:

some RAlinks Chipsets work really fine

We are having trouble with StarTech , will not join any WiFi network we point it at.

Oh, ok, good to know! TPLink and Edimax work both great in my home Lab (had to check it out first).

Any gotchas anyone has experienced ? We use Meraki WiFi gear .

Have a german customer using Meraki APs, will ask for experience tomorrow!


Hi @member what firmware are you on?

Realtek 8812 or 8811 are working quite well, too. Suppliers are either “Alfa Networks” or “LM Technologies”

@member got the same issue with TP-Link TL-WN823N as they can see wifi ssids but will not connect, also issue some SSIDs with a strong signal

Disable backport drivers that fixed it

Works like a charm.

Yeah, the backport drivers are a good point to look at 🙂

fyi @member, @member, @member.. I may try the Realtek 8812 or 8811

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