A Firefox Session doesn’t appear ont the IGEL OS Desktop.

Hey all,

Not sure if anybody can help me. The following 2 devices are both in the same directory, but one of the devices does not have the same settings. (all profiles are also correctly assigned)

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Specifically: I’m trying to auto open a specific web page through firefox, the second device gets the same configuration settings upon reboot after transferring the device to the correct directory. The firefox session does appear on the “desktop” but does not work. When I reboot the second device, the firefox session disappears. I have attached a screenshot of both device configurations.

Hi, have you tried to reset the client to defaults? and Import it in the ums again? Sound like you have some local settings on the client.

Hi! Thank you for your reply, sorry if I wasn’t complete with my information. I did indeed reset the client to factory default, and pushed the configuration again. The issue seems to persist.

Ok. Could you check if the feature Firefox is enabled under System-Features. And is the license valid?

Like you said, the Firefox feature was disabled. I have enabled the feature, and it is working as intended now. Thank you!

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